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Understanding Google Searches ... How Your Auto Dealership Can Achieve Better Rankings

Posted by sandy Waggett on Thu, Sep 05 2013 @ 10:22 AM

Google and Your Business

Business owners are often excited when they “Google” their business name and see their website at the top of the search results. 

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FACT: You should be dominating Google for your business name!

Unless your website has no content directly referecing your business name or your website address, you SHOULD be the number one result in Google when someone is searching for your business name.  Not only should you be the number one listing, you should DOMINATE the entire first page of results.

These results should include:

  • Your website home page
  • Secondary pages of your website
  • Company press releases
  • Business social media pages
  • Your company page on LinkedIn
  • Reviews

If this is not happening, it's probably time for you to beef up your social media presence, review the on-site optimization of your website, and start asking your customers for reviews online.

The real question is, what if people are NOT searching for your business name, but for your service or product instead? Where does your business rank?

Ensure your website optimized for the primary search terms related to your business.

Search is local.

Yes, it’s important that you come up on page one of Google for your business name, but you should also be working toward ranking well for the primary search terms for your service or product.  Let’s say you are in the auto dealership in St. Louis.  A possible Google search by someone looking for your business type may be “auto dealership in st. louis”.  Notice that we used “St. louis” in the search term.  People search locally. While Google can still target your location by your internet service provider, a general query for “auto dealership” may display various national results if the user is not signed in to Google.

For best organic search results, localize the on-page optimization of your website.

By localizing, you have a much greater chance of ranking near the top of page one on Google for your target consumer. This can ultimately lead to higher conversion rate through your site.

What are some tools to help you look at what people are searching for?

There is a great keyword research tool to help you examine what keywords people are using  when they search Google for your business type.  Go to and click on the Google Keyword Tool link.  Use this tool to see how many people monthly are searching for a particular term. Talk with your webmaster about optimizing your website around these terms, as well as targeting locally.

Google is where your customers will find you online.

Google is by far the most utilized search engine in the world.  By making smart and informed choices on how to properly optimize your business website, you have a better chance of obtaining page one results.  If you throw in a great content and social media strategy on top of it, you'll not only dominate the page one results for your business name, you'll also have a great chance of ranking on page one for your primary, local keyword search phrases.


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