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4 Tips to Get Your Customers to Write Great Reviews

Posted by sandy Waggett on Mon, Jul 29 2013 @ 04:14 PM

According to a Bazaarvoice survery, 76% of consumers regularly or occasionally use online reviews to determine which local business to use. The same study found that a desire to help others was the reason 90 percent of consumers write reviews. This is great news for your auto dealership (as well as other business owners).

positive reviews for auto dealerships

The question is, how can you capitalize on this and generate more positive reviews for your business?

  1. Build your social presence.
    In order to get positive online reviews, your auto dealership needs to have a presence in the social landscape. Setup your Google+ page, create a Yelp account, make sure you have business Facebook page, as well as a business LinkedIn page. These accounts are essential, at a minimum. Other platforms are also important in different industries (FourSquare, Trip Advisor, etc).
  2. Promote your social presence.
    Make your customers aware of your social presence and encourage regular engagement with your brand. Interact with your customers online. The more enagement you have, the more likely you are to receive unsolicited positive reviews and feedback.

    To promote your social presence consider using:
  • Email signature block
  • Signage in your auto dealership and service area
  • Social icons in any marketing collateral
  • Social icons in any print ads and billboard ads
  • Social icons and widgets on your website
  • Social media addresses on the back of your business cards
  • Build a dedicated feedback area on your website.
    In addition to ensuring you have all your social channels linked on your website, consider adding a dedicated feedback page to your website and promoting the call to action through your site. Making it easy for customers to provide feedback and reviews is essential! When you receive a great review, make sure it appears on your website.
  • Ask for reviews.
    Note, we did not say ask for "positive" reviews. Soliciting "positive" reviews in not a great tactic, however asking your customers for feedback is perfectly acceptable. A follow up email after a sale or service asking your customer to share their experience with your atuo dealership will help generate a lot of reviews. Mix it up when you send each request ... provide a link to your Google+ review page for one customer, then a link to your LinkinIn company page for the next customer to submit the review. This will help distribute your reviews across the various channels.
  • According to Socialnomics, 25% of search results return user-generated content from review sites, blogs, and social media updates for the worlds largest brands. The key to making this work your auto dealership is to be proactive about building your online review presence. By working to build customer interaction and feedback across your social channels and your website, you can minimize the impact of the occasional negative review.

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