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Introducing No Scope - Simple Payment Integration

Posted by Paul Moody on Fri, Nov 13 2015 @ 03:22 PM

Attention ISVs : Looking for Simple Payment Integration?

No Scope is a simple, customizable, and scaleable solution for software vendors looking to easily integrate payments with Worldpay. No Scope is comprised of two Integrated POS solutions. No Scope .DLL and No Scope SDK. In each case the terminals have been coded for EMV, swipe, debit, EBT, gift and loyalty, as well as the ability to completely customize the terminal screens.

ISV Payment Integration

No Scope WIN.DLL

No Scope .DLL is a easy to install and allows the Software Vendor to code the merchant system to communicate with Ingenico 250, 350 and 480 devices as well as VeriFone 915 and 925 devices. All
of these devices are designed to support retail, medical, B2B and other customer facing checkout environments. The API supports a USB, RS232 and LAN network environment. The .DLL enables the coder to complete design and deploy in minutes their own EMV marketing screens on these devices.

No Scope SDK

No Scope SDK is a simple API that allows the Software Vendors to code the merchants system PAX D210/D200 BCM , S80 LAN and S90 CDMA GPRS terminals. Our D210 and D200 terminals are specifically designed to support Pay at the Table, Tablets, Smart Phones and Mac. The API supports a Wi-Fi network environment using a WPA encryption for security reasons, and allows local and cloud communication between the device and the POS system.

Gateway Connections

The actual transaction-processing environment goes from the Payment Terminal to the WorldPay Link Gateway utilizing a SSL network implementation. This is all done for the Software Vendors, meaning all you have to do is code the connection to the hardware via a simple SDK or .DLL and design the flow and marketing screen on the terminal UI.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with the EMV Transition

The Novera Payment Solutions team understands that protecting your business and your customers is very important. Novera provides the tools and support you need to help simplify your PCI obligations and EMV integration.


No Scope Supports:

  • Point-2-Point Encryption (P2PE).
  • EMV
  • PA-DSS 3.0 Out-of-Scope.
  • Tokenization Vault.
  • Recurring Billing
  • Conveniences Fees

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