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5 Reasons To Integrate the Worldpay Link Gateway

Posted by Paul Moody on Thu, Oct 29 2015 @ 12:02 PM

As an Integrated Software Vendor (ISV), when you choose the Worldpay Link Gateway, you receive experts that can ensure seamless credit card payment integration, customer service and a solution that will evolve with you as you grow.

Worldpay Link Gateway



1.     We Provide Easy & Fast Payment Gateway Integration

We get you to market fast, whether it's a new application or an existing one! Our software development kit (SDK) features multiple API programming languages across multiple platforms. Whether online, in person or on-the-go, our Worldpay platform makes it easy for your customers to take payments anywhere, anytime with our payment gateway integration.

2.     We Are Payments Processing EXPERTS

Through our integration with Worldpay, we understand the unique needs of your business and your customers. That’s why connecting your solution to our Link Gateway means more than a technical integration. We simplify your customer’s PCI obligation with our Level 1 PCI Compliant Data Centers.

3.     We VALUE Relationships with Our Customers

The bottom line is we strengthen your brand and increase conversions by building strong relationships. When you join with Novera Payment Solutions and Worldpay, you have a dedicated relationship manager to support you and your business. You can grow faster than the competition and offer your customers simple, secure and cost efficient systems and strategies.

4.     You Can EASILY Integrate Payment Systems into Existing Software

Novera can help you jump start your business and develop successful payments processing strategies. Link Gateway is a platform that allows you the flexibility to streamline and integrate payment systems with existing applications and software.


Our application support ranges in vertical markets including automotive, restaurant, healthcare and specialty retail, just to name a few. This is important because chances are, we have specific expertise with integrating payments for your market. Different business sectors have different needs, and we are here to make your payment integration seamless, whether it is a new applicaiton or an existing one.


Download our 7-page white paper to learn more about the WorldPay API, its benefits, credit card payments integration support, and our EMV ready PCI compliant solution.

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  Download the Worldpay API Whitepaper

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