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Eliminate the Smoke & Mirrors Around Credit Card Processing - Free Webinar

Posted by Paul Moody on Thu, Oct 12 2017 @ 12:44 PM

Accepting credit cards for your business  is not optional in today's marketplace, it's essential. The challenge is understanding all the fees associated with this necessity. Many credit card processing companies take advantage of business owners' lack of knowledge using bait and switch tactics when quoting rates. Our FREE upcoming webinar will help you eliminate the smoke and mirrors around the rates so you can make smart (money saving) decisions when choosing your processor.

Novera Payment Solutions is pleased to once again offer our popular "Understanding Credit Card Processing" webinar. This webinar will take a short 40 minutes of your time, and will arm you with the information you need to ensure you do not overpay for credit card processing.


If any of these questions apply to you, this webinar will be an excellent use of your time.

  1. Is your statement from your merchant processing company complicated and confusing?
  2. Do you fully understand the difference between "Qualified", "Mid-Qualified", "Non-Qualified", and how these terms determine what you are charged for each transaction?
  3. Are you PCI compliant?
  4. Are you surprised by the credit card processing fees you incur each month?
  5. Do you have to wait several days to see the payments deposited in your account? 


Join us in an educational webinar on October 19, 2017 @ 2:00 PM EST designed to help you understand the in's and out's of credit card processing. This FREE webinar will be 45 minutes or less and we guarantee you will take away practical information to help you make smart choices when shopping around for credit card processing services. There's a good chance this webinar will save your business money too!

As an attendee of this webinar you will gain the following:

  • Ability to understand Visa/MC/Disc true underlying cost which in turn will help you negotiate better pricing for your own merchant account
  • Knowledge on how to make sure you are getting a truly fair deal for payment processing services (you'd be surprised the percentage of companies who are being taken advantage of -- make sure yours isn't one of them!)
  • Awareness of the latest in technology available in the market place today, including mobile payments
  • Practical tips that you can implement right now to keep your processing costs down
  • Best practices for keeping your customers' cardholder data secure, including EMV and maintaining PCI compliance.
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