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Merchant Account Reseller Program by Novera

Posted by sandy Waggett on Wed, Dec 24 2014 @ 10:08 AM

If you are looking for a new payments processor as a partner for your merchant account reseller business, look no further! Novera Payment Solutions offers the cadillac of partnerships through our World Expresspay ISO / MSP and Agent program.


merchant account reseller program


Our unique approach to merchant account sales allows us to partner with one of the most respected clients in the world (WorldPay) . Today our WorldPay ISO and Agent Program provides all the tools necessary to create your own path for the future.

Residual ownership is included with the most aggressive compensation plan available, remarkable agent & merchant support. Let’s not forget the technology you would expect from a world class organization. All our ISO and Agents are trained by a dedicated expert to quickly interact with WorldPay’s MSP support team for the fastest turn arouind available.

WorldPay Revenue Enhancing Programs

  • Debit, Credit, Check Service, Gift, Loyalty

  • Interchange Pass Thru Pricing
  • 80% Plus residual sharing
  • 3.5 Cent I.P.
  • 5.0 Cent Dial Up
  • 1.0 Cent High Volume Merchant I.P.

  • 2.0 Cent High Volume Merchant Dial Up
  • Amex OPT Blue Direct Settlement Program
  • Monthly & Quarterly Upfront incentive Dollars

Supported Product Groups

  • Over 1600 Certified VAR/Gateway Options
  • Dedicated ISV Software Vendor Program
  • Integrated POS & Terminal Products
  • Mobile Payments
  • E-Comm

  • Direct API & Gateway Capability
  • Quickbooks Integration

Additional Services & Support

  • No Liability or Risk
  • 24/7 Merchant Support
  • Dedicated ISO/Agent Relationship Team
  • Web Based Order Entry and Tracking
  • Residual Reporting/CRM Portal
  • Inbound Marketing Support & Lead Generation
  • Online Resource and Training Materials
  • Use Your Own Leasing Program
  • Use Your Own Cash Advance Program


We also offer two additional opportunities through our software vendors program and our referral partners program.

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