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Free Privacy Policy Generator for QuickBooks Documents Users

Posted by sandy Waggett on Tue, Nov 25 2014 @ 01:47 PM

A good privacy policy is critical for online merchants. If you accept credit cards through your website, you are collecting personal information from your website users. Your online privacy policy informs users about how that information is stored and used.

If you are a QuickBooks Documents user, the Intuit website offers a free privacy policy generator that helps ensure you include all the essential components to protect your business and inform your customers.

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It's very easy to use and they offer a PDF or MicroSoft Word version once you've completed the privacy policy generator. The final product is downloadable from your QuickBooks Documents account.

Steps the create your privacy policy:

  1. Go to the Intuit QuickBooks priavy policy generator page.
  2. Select the state in which your business resides.
  3. Provide your company name.
  4. Enter your website address.
  5. Select all of the personally identifable information that your website collects from the list options available.
  6. Select whether you use the personal information to market to the customer after it is collected.
  7. Select whether the website collects log data from the user. In most cases, the answer to this question is "yes". For example, this data might include IP address, browser type, etc. Most web servers collect this data for use in reporting website statistics and analytics.
  8. Select whether you want to include a statement about the users responsibility for protecting their own account information.
  9. Select whether the website uses cookies. (Most do!)
  10. Select whether the website uses clear GIFs, web bugs, beacons or tags. If you aren't sure, check with your webmaster. This is a technique often used to statistical data about the web page.
  11. Select whether the website offers third party services (an affiliate program might be an exmaple of a third party service for an ecommerce site).
  12. Select whether the website will comply with government and law enforcement officials in order to comply with the law.
  13. Login to your QuickBook Documents account to download your new privacy policy.

The screen grab below shows page one of a sample privacy policy that we generated in about 20 minutes (of course, we blocked out the company name). The actual document is approximately 4 pages long and addresses all the major components that an ecommerce privacy policy should include.  It should be noted that the Intuit QuickBooks Privacy Policy generator is not intended to replace legal advice from your business attorney. As will any business documents you create and make available for public use, you should consider having your attorney review them before use.

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