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QuickBooks Users No Longer Required to Use Intuit for Credit Card Processing

Posted by sandy Waggett on Wed, May 28 2014 @ 10:37 AM

For years, QuickBooks users were forced to use Intuit credit card processing services if they wanted to integrate their credit card processing with their QuickBooks software.  Based on CardFellow research, they found Intuit's credit card processing charges to be 40% - 50% greater than the rates businesses receive in the free marketplace.

Intuit's Quickbooks accounting software makes it possible for  their users to process and record credit card transactions in one easy step, but until recently,  this convenience came with a very big price because Intuit monopolized the capability, enabling them to charge whatever they wanted. Enabling competition from other credit card processors would drive processing costs down, so the Intuit basically designed Quickbooks so it will only work natively with Intuit's own credit card processing service.

Good News for QuickBooks Users!

In spite of Intuit's efforts to lock out other processors, software companies created plug-ins that serve as a work-around. This enables businesses to install a plug-in on their QuickBooks software and thereby offer credit card processing for Quickbooks through other providers.

QuickBooks Integrated Credit Card Processing

Introducing InstantAccept for QuickBooks

InstantAccept provides an plug-in that integrates with QuickBooks®, enabling you to process transactions as the point of sale either online or via a mobile device or tablet.  Customers can pay using any method they'd like: cash, credit or debit cards, ACH, electronic check or Check21.  Without even opening QuickBooks®, business owners can assign payments to an invoice or customer.  The seamless, time-saving, two-way data exchange allows the data  created in InstantAccept to automatically generate a corresponding record in QuickBooks®.

Novera Integration

The best thing about the InstantAccept QuickBooks plug-in is that you can easily use Novera Payment Solutions as your payments processor, taking advantage of our money saving flat fee merchant account pricing model.  We provide the InstantAccept plugin for  our customers who are QuickBooks® users!. We are committed to helping your business improve the bottom line, and Novera Payment Solutions is a leader in the credit card payments industry.


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