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7 Ways QuickBooks® Can Save You Money

Posted by sandy Waggett on Wed, May 07 2014 @ 10:03 AM

QuickBooks accounting software was designed to make your business accounting run smoothly and help organize financial records for your CPA when tax time rolls around.  While QuickBooks is a great solution to your daily accounting needs, it can save your business money too! 

quickbooks credit card processing saves money

Check out these 7 ways QuickBooks can improve your business bottom line:

  1. Basic Book-keeping Can Be Done In-House
    QuickBooks makes accounting simple enough that any business owner or employee can do it.  You don’t have to pay a fortune to hire a bookkeeper to do the mundane daily work for you. Basic accounting tasks can be completed in house, and you can have everything ready for your accountant as tax season approaches.
  2. Payroll  and Payroll Taxes Can Be Done In-House
    QuickBooks allows you to easily do payroll and payroll taxes yourself rather than having to hire a third-party payroll service.  By cutting out the middle man, you can save money on one of your largest expenses.   
  3. Eliminate the Need to Overstock on Pre-Printed Checks
    By printing your checks in-house, you save both time and money.  Using good check printing software makes the entire process seamless. You can even modify the checks to match your business, giving it a professional touch.  You will save money by not overstocking pre-printed checks from the bank.  
  4. Reporting Helps Identify Issues Before They Get Out of Control
    Not only can you see how you are performing in the current year, but you can compare that data to the previous years.  By comparing reports you can easily find any inconsistencies or unusual changes and fix them before they start costing your company money.
  5. Automatic Back-up Capability Saves Time & Money When Your Computer Crashes
    It’s happened to us all; you computer randomly implodes and you lose all of your data.  The QuickBooks software allows for easy backup to removable hard drives or cloud storage.  You will save time and money by not having to recreate all of that data. 
  6. Tax Documents are a Breeze to Create
    When tax season rolls around, you will have all the documents you need to present to your CPA.  Rather than hunting all the information down to give to your CPA, you will be able to quickly hand over the documents saving your CPA time and you money.   It saves you time from filling out the CPA’s questionnaires and saves you money that your CPA would have been charging you to get the answers to those questions.  
  7. Credit Card Processing Can Be Integrated to Eliminate Double Entry
    Novera Payment Solutions provides an integrated QuickBooks plugin to simplify  and automate credit card processing, as well as the tasks associated with accepting credit cards.  The plugin allows you to process transactions at the point of sale; and without even opening QuickBooks you can assign payments to an invoice or customer. The time savings from eliminated double-entry is great, but Novera's flat fee merchant account pricing model is where you'll immediately see the improvement in your busineses bottom line.

For more information on using QuickBooks to save your business money, check out these resources:

While QuickBooks can’t actually do your taxes for you or run your business day to day activites, you can see how this powerful software can save your business time and money. From doing your basic book-keeping in-house to having organized data to present to your CPA, as well as integrating your credit card processing, QuickBooks is the answer to your lowering your business expenses.

Request information about InstantAccept, Novera Payment Solutions' QuickBooks integrated credit card processing solution. Guaranteed to save your business time and money on credit card processing fees!

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