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InstantAccept: A quicker way to use QuickBooks

Posted by sandy Waggett on Mon, Jan 27 2014 @ 08:48 AM

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used bookkeeping tools out there, but it can get complicated when accepting multiple types of payments at multiple locations.  InsatantAccept is the solution to simplifying those transactions, while ensuring that all the behind the scenes work is still getting done. 

InstantAccept provides a standalone, single user desktop application that can process transactions at the point of sale, whether the customer is paying with cash, check or card, from your computer, mobile device or tablet.  You don’t even have to launch QuickBooks to assign these payments to an invoice or customer, create new accounts and invoices, update accounts as needed and generate reports in real time.  There’s no need to reconcile or rekey data because InstantAccept makes it automatically happen. 

instant accept

Key benefits of InstantAccept

    No More Hassle.

      InstantAccept updates QuickBooks immediately allowing you to accept and record payments simultaneously, in real time, with no extra data entry on your part.  You can manage customer data, invoices and payments all from a single userface.  You can even allow your customers to pay invoices directly through their email.  And you can do all this from your mobile device, tablet or computer. 

        Guaranteed Security.

          You can allow your employees to execute transactions and update books without them being able to access your private financial and customer data.  The program also meets all current compliance standards, including PCI-DSS and SAS 70.  InstantAccept also works with some of the most cutting edge fraud solutions out there to protect your Quickbooks databases and records, keeping every transaction safe and secure. 

            Grow Your Business.

              With InstantAccept, you can accept multiple types of payments and consolidate all your transactions no matter where they originate.  The program also allows for payments from multiple store locations, websites and mobile devices.  If you have a merchant account or payment processor you like, you can keep everything the same, eliminating the need for multiple merchant accounts. 

              Don’t worry about all your hard work going to waste; InstantAccept integrates with QuickBooks to update your records in real time.  The simplicity and flexibility of InstantAccept allows you to do what you really want to do, run your business.  For more information about InstantAccept contact Novera Payment Solutions.

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