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Top 3 Benefits of Autotask Pricing for Credit Card Processing

Posted by Paul Moody on Wed, Jun 19 2013 @ 01:46 PM

Autotask Logo (Registered) LG resized 600,one of the largest fully integrated business management solutions in the marketplace today offers credit card payment processing services through a strategic partnership with Novera Payment Solutions. Subscribers to the Autotask product suite will now have the ability to receive credit and debit card payments via a simple and transparent flat fixed monthly fee which integrates with QuickBooks via a plugin.

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In this post we outline the top three benefits of the negotiated Autotask pricing for this valuable service.

  • Transparency Is Hard To Find

Credit card processing is unfortunately, more often than not, a confusing subject matter for most business owners. Most credit card processing companies charge multiple rates and fees for many different items. These fees and rates are rarely explained at the time the account is  set up. When business owners get their bill they are left in the dark, unable to understand exactly what they were charged and why.

Novera Payment Solutions and Autotask have teamed up to remove the mystery. The Autotask pricing for credit card processing simplifies everything by providing an open book, transparent pricing format that discloses true underlying cost and margin. This is unparalleled in the industry.

  • One Easy To Understand Flat Fee

With the negotiated Autotask pricing for credit card processing, business owners now know exactly how much money the processing company is making on the account. This gives you the power to know for certain whether you are receiving a fair deal or not. All credit card processing companies have the exact same underlying cost (buy rates) which are set by Visa/MC. The real difference between the competing processors out there is how they mark up that “cost”. The Autotask pricing makes it simple by only marking up that cost with one easy to understand flat fee.

  •  Flat Fee Will Never Increase

The Autotask flat fee program for credit card processing is fixed for the lifetime of the account, unlike most processors where their margins increase as card acceptance volume increases.

The Autotask pricing for this service is set in stone from the day you start accepting cards. The margin will not artificially creep up over time.


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