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Do You Understand What It Really Costs to Accept Credit Cards?

Posted by sandy Waggett on Wed, May 29 2013 @ 10:25 AM

Credit card processing fees and rates can be confusing.

More often than not when we speak with a business owners, auto dealers, and associations they lack a certain understanding of why they pay what they do to accept credit cards. They often feel that the service providers are out to get them with their seemingly high rates and statement fees that appear to be written in some foreign language.

The truth is the majority of the money you pay to accept credit cards goes to a combination of the card issuing bank, the processor, and the card association.

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How Credit Card Fees Typically Work

The majority of the cost/expense to accept credit and debit cards is the same for all merchants large and small, and is referred to as interchange which goes to the issuing bank. Whether it’s Novera Payment Solutions or your local bank we all pay the same interchange cost/expense. Whatever is leftover after paying interchange is the processors cost and the service providers profit. The volume you average on a monthly basis will usually determine the amount of actual margin left over.

Unfortunately most merchant service providers will take advantage of the lack of knowledge that business owners have on costs and line their pockets with margin, which is typically an unfair amount based on that businesses volume. There are fair options for pricing out there that disclose cost and margin but it is often not used.


Novera delivers a transparent flat fee credit card pricing model for auto dealers and associations. It benefits you because:


  • The transparent flat fee credit card processing pricing model provides you with the fairest rates available anywhere.
  • The pricing advantage passes through the exact underlying costs and adds a flat monthly fee which is based on YOUR average monthly credit card processing volume.


“Novera Payment Solutions was very helpful in explaining and saving our company significant monies in the area of credit card processing”
Ken Goldman
Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Paramus NJ

We save hundreds of auto dealers money on credit card processing fees.

Find out how much we can save you on credit card processing fees!


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