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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Integrating Credit Card Processing Through Therabill

Posted by Paul Moody on Sat, Jan 28 2017 @ 02:42 PM

Therabill has teamed up with Novera Payment Solutions, LLC to help guide you through the complicated world of credit & debit card acceptance. Novera delivers a unique combination of value, integrity and price transparency to Therabill members that is unparalleled throughout the payment processing industry. To help better educate Therabill members, we thought we'd share 10 frequently asked questions about this important value added service.

therabill credit card processing

1. Why should I accept credit cards directly through Therabill?

When you turn on the integrated credit card processing feature you will be able to easily post credit card payments directly into Therabill and WebPT. This eliminates the need for expensive stand-alone hardware on your countertop while also improving your Revenue Cycle Management.

2. What are some of the features I should know about?

  • Card On-File - allows you to securely save your patients credit card information for future transactions which eliminates the need for future card re-presentment.
  • Patient Payment Portal - Patients can pay from the comfort of their own home via the online Therabill Client-Portal.

3. Can I still physically swipe cards and take telephone payments?

Yes. With the optional USB card reader you can swipe cards directly via your computer and key in card information via your computers key-board when taking a payment by phone.

4. What will this cost me & What are the rates?

While you will never pay more than you are currently paying, we offer two Rate Plans depending upon your unique situation for credit card processing that may actually save you some money.

  • Plan 1.) A Cost-Plus Flat Fixed Fee: Tailored to fit your practices specific needs. The Flat Fee ranges from $39.95 - $99.95 per month depending on your average monthly volume and is fixed for the life of your account. (Great for larger volume clinics)
  • Plan 2.) A simplified Flat Rate: 2.99% + $19.95 per month. (Great for starting clinics or clinics on the grow) Rate Match Guarantee: If it is determined that your current credit card processing rates and fees are less expensive than the preferred rate plans described above, then Novera will gladly match your existing rates.

5. How do I know which pricing option will be best for my Clinic/Practice?

Contact Novera Payment Solutions by visiting and a member representative will provide you with a free consultation. We provide you with a side by side comparison of our program vs. your current plan.

6. Who is Novera Payment Solutions?

We represent Worldpay as a member service provider for payment processing programs. Worldpay is a leader for payment acceptance in the US and around the globe.

7. Will our Practice be safe accepting payments within Therabill through this integration?

Yes. We never store any cardholder data on your Therabill system, it resides only in our secure payment gateway which is both PCI and PADSS complaint.

8. When will I receive my deposits?

We offer Next Day Funding to all Therabill users who settle their transactions prior to 8PM EDT.

9. Do I need a separate agreement with American Express?

No. Worldpay offers consolidated payment processing for all card brands. We also provide one consolidated monthly statement for all major brands including MC/Visa Discover and American Express.

10. How do I get started, what is the process?

Visit to schedule a one on one consultation. Once you’ve decided to move forward, we will provide you with the necessary simplified paperwork to sign up for the program. Once we receive the completed paperwork it generally takes 3-5 business days to be accepting cards directly within your WebPT/Therabill system.

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