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ISVs & VARs Must be QIR Certified by March 31, 2016

Posted by Paul Moody on Thu, Mar 17 2016 @ 04:18 PM

VISA has recently announced a new mandate that will affect installations via software vendors during 2016 and beyond. The mandate is intended to improve security for payments.

The Qualified Integrators & Resellers course provides an opportunity for eligible professionals of qualifying organizations to receive training and qualification on the secure installation of Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS)-validated payment applications into merchant environments in a manner that facilitates PCI Data Security Standard compliance.

Numerous breach investigations have shown that incorrect installation and/or maintenance of payment applications creates opportunities for merchant networks to be compromised. Integrators and resellers play a key role in the payments ecosystem, as merchants depend on these service providers to install, configure, and/or maintain their validated applications. This program outlines guiding principles and procedures for the secure installation and maintenance of validated payment applications in a manner that supports PCI DSS compliance.

This applies to you if you’re an integrator or reseller that sells, installs, and/or services PA-DSS validated payment applications on behalf of software vendors or others. The course will also benefit payment application software developers. Typical job titles include: Software Integrator, Reseller, Implementer, Installer, Technician, Developer, or Engineer.

Some of the highlights of this requirement include:

  • Each ISV / Reseller that installs POS systems that accepts payments via the POS will be required to have a certified QIR
  • Start date March 31 2016 (FAST APPROACHING!)
  • Training can be completed via “e-learning” course (6 hour)
  • An exam is required once training is completed
  • The process first requires your company to be approved.... then the designated individual can sign up for training

    A link to PCI Security Standards Organization Website / QIR section is provided below for your reference.

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